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Manufacturing of pads

Pads, for all cleaning machines!

Il Contatto Kft. undertakes the production of professional quality abrasive discs, also known as pads, within a short period of time. The production is carried out with precise machines and competent personnel, and we also take great care in selecting excellent raw materials and controlling the production process.

We make our products in many sizes and designs, whether it is the disc of automatic scrubbers or manual terfir sheets, or household manual scrubbing sheets. We can also provide unique and cost-effective solutions when it comes to floor scrubbing. GET INTERESTED!

The different colors of the pads show the different hardness of the material, including white, which is the softest, and black, which is the roughest. In addition, there is red, green, blue, orange, brown, etc.
For their size, it is essential to know the parameters of the particular cleaning machine so that we can give you the exact product.
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The scrubbing discs


Range-6 pads: These pads are designed to meet the needs of the professional cleaning world, products with a more open structure for the most effective scrubbing effect. A great feature of the Range 6 scrubbing pads is their wear resistance and reusability after proper washing. The virgin polyester fiber construction ensures durability and flexibility, making it an indispensable product in the cleaning world.

The product range includes 7 traditional colors as well as the natural bristle version and two additional qualities for scrubbing with high speed machines. There are also two new pads, the Range 6 Force, which are harder and more aggressive for tough cleaning jobs.

T3 pads

The T3 series of floor scrubbing discs are manufactured with Rando technology to guarantee the eternal results of the "non-woven" web, as well as the best spraying and impregnation techniques for the optimal distribution of abrasive particles on the T3 red pads, so that we get the highest performance for any floor cleaning.

There is a premium range available in black, green, blue and red made from 100% nylon to improve performance and longevity. Due to the specific structure of the brown fiber, polyester with a high resin and mineral concentration, it shows the highest resistance when using various acids.

Additional Plus and Standard pads available from polyester-based products, even if they are economically more competitive, their performance level is also good.

Crystal pads

The Facco Crystal system provides outstanding brightness to enhance the appearance of any material, restoring the natural color of the stone and emphasizing the veins typical of marble.

- G1: (Coarse) This super abrasive grit pad removes a very fine layer of material, leaving a clean, smooth surface. It is used to restore damaged or worn surfaces by removing deep scratches and stains.

- G2: (Medium) Usually used after the coarse grain pad to remove small scratches and light stains, or as the first step on particularly dirty floors. After this step, the surface can be polished with the fine-grained discs.

- G3: (Fine) Fine-grained initial polish gives most surfaces a semi-reflective appearance. Many supermarkets and malls prefer this level of polish as it is shiny but not slippery. The fine grain pad is also used to maintain surfaces in good condition, removing small scratches and superficial stains.

- G4: (Super fine) This sanding disc polishes the floor to be extra shiny and creates a reflective surface. Each daily use maintains the shine of the floor and improves its quality over time.

Steps 3 and 4 can be performed with high speed machines up to 1500 rpm.


MelaminPlusPads® products have been specially developed for cleaning mineral floor surfaces, stoneware, porcelain, stone clay, tiles, natural stone, artificial stone and textured surfaces.

- Excellent mechanical cleaning results: Removes irritating stains, holograms, cleaning agent residues and various surface contamination
- Cost-reducing
- It promotes the preservation of the novelty of different floor coverings to the greatest extent possible
- Fits the dimensions of standard bench holders, therefore it can be used for almost all scrubbing-drying and single-layer machines
- Long service life: about 10,000 m2 / pad
- The work can be done with minimal effort and in a short time, using fewer chemicals, so you can save both working time and materials
- Best effort - cleaning performance ratio indicator
- Can be used on almost any floor surface

Hand scrubber pads:

We receive our quality materials in rolls and cut them in different sizes. It is not only round, but it can also be used by hand to clean the corner or it can be produced in a shape for many other applications.


How to choose a scrubbing disc?

You bought a floor cleaning machine to keep your floors looking great, but it's just as important to choose the pad disc that best suits your needs. Choosing a pad that is too weak will have no effect and waste time and money, while choosing a pad that is too aggressive can cause damage that can lead to expensive repairs. Check out our scrub pad buying guide so you can take the guesswork out of buying with confidence.

Note that every floor tile has a different purpose and not every floor should be used for every type of floor. You should also ensure that the type of bench you purchase is compatible with the floor buffer. Below are some key questions to consider before buying sanding pads.

- What type of floor do I have?
- What exactly do I want to do with my floor?
- Will the bench work with my cleaning machine?


Abrasive discs and terfir sheets have an industry-standard color-coding system that helps you understand how rough a particular pad will be scrubbing your floor. Lighter colored pads are considered light (soft) are considered, while darker colored pads are typically more aggressive (rougher). Floor polishing discs do not follow the industry standard color coding system, but are generally aggressive, as they are used for polishing at very high speeds.

Remember, if you buy a disc that is too weak, you will waste time and money. Additionally, choosing a pad that is too aggressive can damage the floor and require additional repairs. In order to clean the floor effectively, it is important to know your floor and its needs, as well as the performance of the cleaning machine and the colors of the pads.


While the color coding system for squeegee pads can be confusing, it's important to have a basic understanding of colors and pad types. Some pads can be used interchangeably, others have a distinct purpose. Low speed pads are below 1000rpm and high speed pads are above 1000rpm. High speed discs can be used with low insert machines, but not vice versa.

Once you know the type of floor and how aggressively you want to clean it, you can choose the type of pad you want to buy.

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